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Can You Work in The Medical Field with a Felony?

There are three main certifying bodies that certify the work of medical assistance. They are the AAMA, the AMT and the NHA which are known as “The American Association of Medical Assistants”, the” American Medical Technologists” and the “National Healthcareer Association”. The certification process will not be hindered for a person who has a felony record. But when it comes to hiring, the office to which the person applies to will have to take the decision.

Whether the answer is yes or no, you can still live well and progress with other second-chance opportunities. You should take a moment to browse through this list – what a great list of good jobs for people with felonies you can apply for.

State-wise Regulation

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding a felony. Felony is a serious criminal offense that involves physical harm of a serious nature such as murder, driving rashly and causing injury to others, drug trafficking, etc. Each state segregates felonies into various categories according to the seriousness of the crime and punishments are provided according to their own legal system.

Conditions of Licensing

As far as physicians are concerned, to practice medicine they require a license. This regulation differs with each state and physicians should follow these regulations or he will lose his license. If a physician changes his residence and is located in another state, he has to follow the rules of that particular state he is located in. In case of felony, the nature of the crime, rehabilitation provided, the time elapsed since last conviction, the number of times penalized and age of felony, is some criteria that are analyzed. Connecticut is a state that does not completely prohibit a felony from practicing as a physician, though strict regulations are held. Minnesota and New York provides for collateral sanctions, which is a temporary suspension, instead of withdrawing the license. Medical schools do not admit felons into their institute.

Why Felons Prefer the Medical Field?

Felons get good medical care when they are incarcerated in the Bureau of Prisons. It is the warm and caring atmosphere prevalent here that makes them choose the medical field. However, there is much confidential personal information that physicians have while providing treatment. Regulations are placed on felons as physicians due to various reasons such as records being placed in wrong hands, placing the health of a person in the care of felons, wrong prescriptions or unethical practices by felon physicians which are some reasons for not considering felons into the medical field. Being a good human being is more important than being a good physician.