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Can a Felon Become a Cop?

Most of you have dreams to become a cop. If you want to serve the people, becoming a police officer is also one of the best ways. Nowadays, lots of crimes are happening in all countries. If you want to stop that or you want to take the responsibilities to protect people, you should become a police officer.

If you are a felon, lots of questions are running out in your mind include can a felon become a cop? No. Felons can’t become a police officer. This article helps you to know about why felons are restricted in becoming a cop. They are as follows,

Joining The Police Service a Felony Conviction

If you are a felon, it is hard to get a job as a police officer. But I’m sure you will get a job in the various fields. Here, we discuss the guidelines, factor, and tips that are against to join.

Tips to Join

In each and every country, it is prohibited that the felons are becoming a policeman. Why because, the felon is a serious crime, the judgment of this felon leads to death, so no one is ready to give a job to felons. Even you are a misdemeanor; it is also quite difficult to become a cop.

You might have a chance if you are a minor misdemeanor. But considering all the eligibility criteria of the police officer maybe you’ll be rejected. Maximum, the top classes of a misdemeanor are surely getting disqualified.

Influence Factors

There are so many factors against the felons. Most felons are prohibited from becoming.  The main reasons for restricting felons are as follows,

The people who are all intelligent are eligible to join. The police department not only considering the intelligence of people but also they are checking some of the criteria’s.

If you want to join the police service you should have the good qualities and you should be honest and then ethical. And, you should able to work independently.

If you are not qualified to work in this field, why not try it out with other industries that have easier standards. Go to, you will find some there.